Dear Guest:

Thank you for choosing one of our Professional managed properties. 

We would appreciate you complying with the following points for your safety and for the convenience and comfort of the rest of the guest staying at the hotel. It is important to respect these rules for a peaceful and relaxing stay.

  1. Smoking is NOT allowed in the apartment and in elevators. Apartments are equipped with smoke alarms for your safety.  Smoking will cost you $450 penalty
  2. No BBQs allowed in the apartment
  3. No more than the capacity expressed in your OTA site or authorized by management
  4. Visitors must be reported to the front desk
  5. Please do not slam doors or behave noisily in the hotel corridor 
  6. Please report any problems or damages in your hotel room immediately to management to avoid any misunderstanding otherwise you will be responsible for these damages.
  7. Guest may not move furnishings or interfere with the electrical network or any other installations in the apartment.
  8. Upon departing, guests are obliged to turn off all lights in the apartment and properly shout the door as they leave. 
  9. Guests are to observer nighttime peace and quiet period from 10pm to 7am, i.e they are not to disturb other neighbors 
  10. Guest are obliged to pay for any loss or damaged of hotel property caused by themselves, their friends, or any person whom they are responsible 
  11. Guest have access to the pool, fitness center or any other amenity as instructed by the resort 
  12. Suggestions on how to improve your stay are always welcome, please contact Angel or management to or +1786.520.9777

We hope you enjoy your stay!

Sieber International Management